Read from our happy clients

We would rate Ace Copper 10/10 for quality of workmanship and expertise in installation. Our project was a challenging waterfront renovation with transformation into a modern home where the metal flashings played an essential role in the design. The project was also challenging as involved considerable travel to and from the worksite by Jason and his team. We would definitely recommend Ace Copper to clients looking for high quality metal work for an architect designed home. The only caveat was completion of project in a timely fashion but this was related to the success of Ace Copper and the demand for their services by multiple clients. Jason learnt the trade hands on from his father which speaks to the value of craftsmanship being passed from one generation to the next!

- Gillian Gibson and William Taylor

Cascadia Metals has enjoyed a 15+ year relationship with Ace Copper Specialists. During that time they have produced beautiful work with the metal we have provided. Over the years Ace Copper has demonstrated a dedication to their clients and workmanship above all else. Cascadia Metals has enjoyed mutual success with Ace Copper and value our relationship moving forward.

- Jason Payne, Cascadia Metals

Protecto Wrap Company has a long-standing relationship with Ace Copper Specialists. Ace Copper Specialists is an approved installer of Protecto Wrap Company's roofing underlayment systems. We have worked on many projects with ACS and have found their craftsmanship to be of excellent quality. This is evidenced in the numerous projects that they can provide as references. Protecto Wrap Company values the long-standing relationship that we have with Ace Copper Specialists.

- Mike Stout, Protecto Wrap Company

Thank you for the 1st class job that you did on my dormer roof. It looks great! 

- Don Gwynne

I met Paul and his son Jason after seeing a house they did on West 49th. From the beginning of the meeting I knew this was the company I wanted to take control of the entire exterior of my house; not only did they show enthusiasm for the project, but they knew exactly how every detail was to be done even without looking at my own drawings. That showed me that they had the experience and didn’t need to hear from anyone else, which is what I like in a company.
I highly recommend them to all builders, as long as they don’t get too busy for my future projects.

- Fred Salari

As the design of our home and guest cottage on Kootenay Lake took shape, three things became apparent: First, the way in which these structures were set into the landscape was going to make the roofs a signature feature of the design. Second, because we wanted the roofing to last for the entire life of the house and cottage, copper was the natural choice of material. And third, as we researched to identify the most qualified company to install our roofs, there was one company who reputation for excellence stood head and shoulders above the rest: Ace Copper.

After we had hired Ace for their excellent reputation, something else wonderful happened. We discovered a friendship. It’s unusual on construction projects to form close bonds with sub-trades. The genuine interest that everyone in the Ace organization took not just in our project, but in who we (as the owners) were as people, offered an opportunity for direct personal connection that would be refreshing in any working relationship, but especially where the work is so intimately connected to the life, comfort and function of a home.

The genuine interest that Ace takes in their work as an extension of their tradecraft is exceptional. It’s reflected in their attention to detail, their job site efficiency, and quality of their customer service. There is artistry not just functionality in what they produce. Now, every time we walk the pathway from our carport to our house, we get to look out over a large, curved expanse of ribbed copper roofing that seems to float out over the lake. Like the memories we have of the company that installed it, it’s developing a lovely patina.

Copper is an expensive, if lasting, proposition. It you’ve decided to make this investment in your own building project, you owe it to yourself to hire the most knowledgeable and talented tradespeople to install it. If its not already plainly obvious, we can’t recommend Ace Copper highly enough. Great company, great people, great end results.

- Brooke & Sandra Leatherman

RHEINKINK American In. (RZA) has a long standing relationship with Ace Copper Specialists (ACS) and its owner Paul Dore. We have worked on many projects with ACS and have found their craftsmanship to be of excellent quality. This is evidenced in their numerous projects that they can provide as references. RZA values the collaborative working relationship that we have with Ace Copper Specialists.

- Charles “Chip” McGowan

For nearly 20 years, Lamoureux Architect Incorporated and Ace Copper have come together to create superior quality custom homes throughout Greater Vancouver and Whistler, BC. Paul Dore and his team at Ace Copper always do an impeccable job, using premium materials and providing efficient and reliable service. Copper, zinc, and painted metals add a special quality to many of our designs, and Ace Copper is a trusted collaborator that we look forward to working with well into the future.

- Brad Lamoureux

ACE provides an excellent level of assurance that they can successfully address complex requirements.

- Frederick Gallagher

As a designer, I have always found Paul Dore and his team easy to work with and have been impressed by the many creative solutions they helped develop. Our collaborative process often involved the production of large scale prototypes to verify how even the most challenging designs can be elegantly executed. I would highly recommend Ace Copper on any project requiring quality metal work and personalized service.

- Russell Cammarasana

OpenSpace houses are not simple, they are not something you can just throw anyone at, we need artist and craftsman like yourself to realize the vision. I do not know of another company in your line of work that has this same passion for the final product, and innovative approach to its delivery. Your pricing vs quality is un-real. Your product is incredible, yet your prices are still very competitive with other less qualified roof installers. We will recommend Ace on every job we can. You can bank on that.

- Eric Pettit

The building of our home presented a number of major challenges for Ace Copper Specialists from making custom bronze tiles for a hyperbolic parabola roof to fabricating and fitting bronze panels on soffits and walls. Compounding the challenge was the remote location, which necessitated setting up a mini factory of sorts. Paul and his team were very creative in devising solutions that were not only ascetically pleasing but also cost effective. Communication channels were always open, queries and concerns addressed and expectations met. Because of our high level of satisfaction with the quality of service delivered on our project we have subsequently used Ace Copper and would highly recommend the company to others.

- Larry Lunn

Ace Copper has been supplying View Point Construction with metal products for over 17 years. They have supplied us with a wide range of products, including metal roofs, metal cladding for exterior walls, various flashings, and chimney caps. Ace Copper's attention to detail is top notch. The jobs have been completed in the time frame specified. I will continue to use Ace Copper for all of my metal needs in the future. I would highly recommend the team at Ace Copper.

- Claudio Fischer

To the Potential Client of Ace Copper,

My name is Joe MacMullin and I’m a project manager for Powers Construction. My current project is at 4028 W34th Ave. in Vancouver. This project was my first time working with Ace Copper and certainly won’t be the last. Since their stellar work has been completed on my job, I’ve made it crystal clear to all the other project managers at Powers that we look no further than Ace Copper, with all flashing and sheet metal scopes of work. Allow me to briefly explain why we feel this way.

At my W34th project there are very detailed, difficult flashing details (feel free to come by and look). Most other vendors cringed at the pricing stage claiming it was too extensive to give a fixed price; several vendors simply said they wouldn’t do it because it was too difficult. There were only 2 vendors that were even interested in taking it on. Once I had a meeting with Ace Copper I knew who we would be going with. The understanding that Ace Copper has in the world of sheet metal is nothing short of amazing. I’ve personally been in the construction industry 12 years and have never met anyone, let alone a whole company, who can execute flashing and sheet metal to this quality. Not even close actually. To add to that, all of their pricing fit very nicely into our budget amounts. Their pricing is fair, competitive, and you are certainly getting what you pay for which is true professionalism.

While we were in the middle of our scope of work, I had been going through an ongoing battle with a roofing vendor whom did a standing seam metal roof at W34th as well. The entire roof had been an uphill battle to that point. The pricing was very difficult to keep on budget so we had to make a compromise on the product we wanted to use, much less quality product but figured it should be fine as long as the install had been done properly. Unfortunately for us, it had not been. After lengthy negotiations from the vendor who did poor quality work, we decided to uninstall the product they installed entirely and hire Ace Copper to start from scratch. Ace Copper came in with a very competitive price for the higher quality product, which we had originally wanted. So we proceeded. The quality of this roof install was so impressive that the architects from BattersbyHowat Architectural Design even re-wrote some of their details of enveloping on metal clad roofing. We were all hugely impressed. Even the client, whom has zero construction knowledge or experience, could notice the “night and day” difference in quality. The client was so appreciative that they even got Paul from Ace Copper a gift as a thank you for the excellent quality work and fair pricing. Over a 15 month high end custom home which is almost complete, that was the only gift the client gave to a sub trade. All parties involved shared equal enthusiasm for the quality work done by Ace Copper. Since then, they have been awarded several other contracts for other projects of ours. We will continue doing so.

To conclude I will say that I am more than happy to recommend Ace Copper to anyone looking for a flashing/sheet metal vendor. They are a pleasure to work with, all the way down their crew. Every person from their crew was knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I look forward to working with them on my next projects.

- Joe MacMullin

Good communication, attentive staff. clean and punctual. Work was exact, according to the scope Value engineering added ideas a bonus on the project. Top Marks.

- Dan Wood

We have enjoyed a great relationship with Ace Copper for many years. Paul, Jason and Ryan are talented, fun, and have a way of making each client feel comfortable from day one. Their designs evolve from an appreciation of site and context. Their work is characterized by careful attention to proportion and detail by using materials, which are both durable and beautiful. Furthermore, everyone at Ace Copper is always accessible, which is of utmost importance for everyone involved in construction project. We are in the process of designing metal work for our future projects in Morgan heights & Highpoint Estates with Ace Copper. They have been very receptive to the ideas that we have brought to project while incorporating their vision and expertise. We love recommending clients to Ace because we know they will give the service, quality, and attention-to-detail that all of their clients require.

- Raj Bhandall

A family antique and neighbourhood landmark in need of extensive TLC. Bought at auction in the early 1960’s in England. Two lamps made the voyage, the sister stands in Blood Alley in Gas Town. Manufactured by Foster & Pullen, Avil Works , Bradford UK. Last units built in 1930. Followed our family through five moves since the 60’s always gathering attention. At the end of an extensive search, found a Coppersmith with the same passion as my family has for this Lamp. Thanks Paul! You and your crew did a magnificent restoration!

- Jamie & Joan McKenzie

The team at ACE Copper were available to answer all of my questions throughout the entire process. The installation team were very helpful. Their product is one of the main features of my house, and people compliment it all the time.

- Milo Wu

Wanted to pass on my thanks to you and Paul for sending me two awesome installers. Both Shelby and Troy were excellent, and their commitment to quality work reflects on your company. I know many builders in the Richmond area and I will certainly pass on my experience with your company's work to them.

- AJ Sandhu